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Steps to Choosing Lights For Your Home
Start your serious thinking about lighting at least six weeks before delivery.
Look at lighting in other homes including display homes.
Think about:
* The style & colour that will suit decor and house type
* The size of each room
* The function of each room
* The height of ceilings
Look at the range of available lighting by visiting lighting shops.
Bring in a house plan and spend time with a consultant. This stage can take up to two hours so it may be an idea to telephone for an appointment. (A good lighting consultant will help you reach a decision by asking you lots of questions without deciding for you.)
Get a quotation. Beware of cheap substitutes, insist on quality and back-up.
If you have the time to obtain a number of quotes, take your best quote to the retailer with the largest range. (Lighting Bonanza of course!)
Pay a deposit to show that you’re serious, and give the retailer up to four weeks if you are ordering special lighting.
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